VTR SURROGACY AND INFERTILITY TREATMENT CENTRE is an exclusive centre situated in Mysore, which is 120 kms from the silicon city of India, Bangalore. VTR Centre believes in every woman's dream of tending to her own baby should come true. It has pioneered in infertility treatment and has successfully treated thousands of patients from past 10 years at extremely low costs & minimal or no surgeries. Starting a Surrogacy centre was just a logical step ahead. The fact that many patients from Bangalore come down to this centre for treatment, is an indicator of the success rate of the centre.

Management - The Doctors

VTR SURROGACY AND INFERTILITY TREATMENT CENTRE is the brainchild of Dr. Mamatha Rajesh, a highly qualified infertility specialist with experience of over eight years and has earned innumerable accolades and awards in the field of surrogacy and infertility treatment, heads the centre as its Director and is ably supported by Radiologist, Gynecologist, Psychiatrist, Psychiatric Social Workers, nutritionists and dieticians.The centre has trained paramedical staff and a well equipped lab.

The Doctors here are extremely compassionate and every patient is treated with warmth and affection and every case as an exclusive case.


Services Offered

  • Infertility Treatments
    • Ovarian Stimulation & Intrauterine Insemination
    • Ovam Donation
    • Sperm Donation
    • Invitro fertilization
    • Provide surrogate mothers
    • Classic Surrogacy
    • IVF Surrogacy

  • Surrogacy / Third party Parenting

    VTR Centre Specializes in

    • Providing surrogate mother.
    • Providing fertility Treatment for surrogacy.
    • Providing legal support for the entire process.
    • Free Accommodation during the treatment process
  • Selection of Surrogate

    VTR Centre matches infertile couples with localities who act as ovum donors as well as surrogates. The infertile couple are encouraged to talk to the prospective Surrogate mothers and develop a good rapport with her right from the time of selection of surrogate mother.

  • Screening of Surrogate

    Once the Surrogate mother is selected, she undergoes a battery of medical and Psychological Testing including her temperment and behavioural aspects. The family background of the surrogate is investigated in detail.

    She will answer an entire questionnaire which will be made available to the intended parents. She will undergo
    1. Complete physical evaluation
    2. Psychological testing
    3. Blood Tests to rule out HIV, Hepatitis, other Sexually Transmitted Diseases, blood grouping, HB%., DM
    4. These are done for both the surrogate and her partner/ husband.
    5. Hormonal assessment
    6. Cervical and other infective organisms.

  • Legal Support

    The Centre will provide complete legal support for surrogacy with the help of a competant legal advisor.

  • Costing: Please contact us for costing parameters.

  • The Process

    Once you have decided to turn to a surrogate mother to help you raise a family, the thing to decide is what type of surrogacy you will need, The classic or IVF Surrogacy.

    (i) Classic Surrogacy

    A healthy young woman who has been selected as a surrogate is artificially inseminated with sperm of male partner of infertile couple, she will carry baby to term. A legal agreement with surrogates will be made according to law as per the advise of the legal advisor to handover the baby to the infertile couple after the delivery.

    (ii) IVF Surrogacy

    In this process, the sperm and egg of infertile couple is combined by IVF. The resulting embryos are then transferred to surrogate mother's uterus.

    VTR Centre - for a complete family...

Services Offered

a. Treatment of Infertility

b. Ovum Donation

c. Sperm Donation

d Costing

  1. Selection of Surrogate
  2. Screening of Surrogate
  3. Legal Support
  4. Costing
  5. The Process
    • Traditional
    • Classical
Contact Us

Cell Number : +91 9343027105

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